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Vice President's Report from National Convention

I would like to take a minute to thank all of our members for making us the top 3 most organized locals representing 100-249 employees with a 90.6%. That is way awesome but I have set my goal at being number 1 and I will work my butt off to get there. We will have the newest plague to show off at September’s meeting. I would also like to let those of you who have not heard we got a national settlement agreement with management that states there has to be 2 processors on the DBCS at all times except for initial startup and during a 15 minute break and yes this includes Saturday night for Sunday and holidays according to 2012 JCIM article 37 page 76 OCR-BCS-DBCS staffing. I will be asking all Processors to fill out a 1767 every time you are instructed to run by yourself. As always DO NOT REFUSE A SUPERVISORS INSTRUCTIONS. Another topic I would like to touch on is Flint Michigan and there water problems, Sue Carney had hundreds of cases of water which was sold for 1 dollar a bottle or 20 dollars per case which was all donated to the people of Flint, and we also took a donation and in 15 minutes the 2100 plus people in attendance at the convention donated over 12 thousand dollars in cash for a total of 50,000 dollars we sent to Flint Michigan to help fight their struggle with contaminated water. That is just a few of the highlights from our 23rd Biennial National convention. Please check the union board for more great information. And as always thank you for sending me to represent you.

William Henriksen Vice-President/Steward Director.

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