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June 2018 Meeting Minutes

There were 15 members present. The meeting was called to order at 11:05 am. Motion by Bill H. and 2nd by Mike B. to accept the minutes as posted. Motion passed. Motion by Max W. and 2nd by Sam N. to accept the treasurers report as given. Motion passed. Motion by Max W. and 2nd by Bob L. to accept the audit meeting report. Motion passed. Officers Report: Please fill out a safety sheet (1767) if you are running machines by yourself, our most current problem. It will be paid at the rate of time and a half and not just an extra 50%. Please ask for union time if needed. The 1767’s are also for any other safety violations you would like to report. Old Business: On June 26th the National contract negotiations begin. We need an action team to help us spread the word of union solidarity. We are looking for a chairperson for the upcoming election. This person would select people to help make up a committee. We are trying to devise a document retention plan: purging documents older than 6 years, settled and scanned documents. Motion by Sam N. and 2nd by Bob L. to update or obtain a scanner/copier for the office up to $500. Motion passed. Discussion on the length of time to retain records was tabled until the next meeting. Discussed using money for membership and stewards training instead of sending someone to the National Convention. Motion by Sam N. and 2nd by Bob L. to reinvest in steward and membership training. Motion passed. New Business: We are moving to a new website with more function and less cost. Please stay tuned to be advised of the new site. There will be a retirement segment at the Fall Seminar in Des Moines. Any member can attend, date and time will be posted on the bulletin board. Members are needed for: -Contract action committee -duty assignment custodian -grievance payments tracking -cards for members Motion by Bill H. and 2nd by Sam N. to hold the drawing. Motion passed. Bill H. won the drawing. Motion by Sam N. and 2nd by Bob L. to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 12:32. Labor Day picnic at Gateway park in Cedar Falls, 11-3 Next meeting: July 21st

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