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January 2019 Meeting Minutes

There were 13 members present. The meeting was called to order at 11:06 A.M. Motion by Bill H. and 2nd by Tami F. to accept the minutes as posted. Motion Passed. Motion by Jody A. and 2nd by Ashlee S. to accept the Treasurer’s Report as given. Motion Passed.

Officer’s Report: Swearing In of Officers. Treasurer’s Report for November, December, and 2018 Fiscal Year.

Prime Time bidding will start 1st Wednesday in March. Please start planning when you would like to bid. Annual leave requests should be turned in BEFORE the Tuesday of the week you want to take leave. Ask for Union Time if you need to talk to a Steward. You can make a statement to a Steward on behalf of someone else. Make sure you date your statement and be as detailed as possible. Regarding RI399, Kim Karol would like us to give her a very detailed account of all clerk work for the different operation numbers.

We are short a Tour 3 Steward. If interested… Please speak up. Holiday schedule will be posted without a meeting between Kim K. & Management and contract negotiations are at an impasse. Priority clerks clothing allowance is $75. When you are given an instruction by Management that you believe to be unethical, ask them to give it to you in writing.

Old Business: NONE

New Business: We need to send new officers/stewards to training. The three Conferences are Tri-State, State, and All-Craft.

Tri-State Conference in Arkansas – March 7-9th with March 6th as a travel day. There is Steward training at this conference. Motioned by Bill H. to send President & 3 others (with usual & customary expenses covered) and 2nd by Max W. Motion Passed. Jody A. and Ashlee S. will go. Kim K. will check with Wendy S. if she can attend.

State Conference in Des Moines – 2 days sometime in April/May. Will discuss at a later date.

All-Craft Conference in Vegas – October 25th – 31st. There is Treasurer and Secretary training at this conference. Bob D. motions President & V.P. be sent. 2nd by Sam N. who amends to send President & up to 3 more. Bob D. agrees. Motion Passed.

Kim Karol. requests 24h LWOP to work on RI399. Max W. moves and Bob D. 2nd. Motion Passed. Kim K. also requests 16h LWOP for Sam N. and Kim K. to finish up project Kim K. and Bill H. were working on at end of year. Ashlee S. moves, 2nd by Jody A., Motion Passed. Jody A. moves to update Microsoft Office Suite for a cost up to $250 to $300, 2nd by Max W., Motion Passed.

There are vocational scholarships that members going back to school or family members can receive. Any questions, please ask and Sondra M. will get you the necessary info. from Kim K. Moved by Bill H. to reimburse Nick D. for double-dipped union dues, 2nd by Sam N., Motion Passed. Sunday, March 10th is MDA Bowl-a-thon. Anyone interested, please contact Bob D. 5 people are required to make a team.

Moved by Bob D. to hold drawing, 2nd by Sam N., Motion Passed. Mike Burke won the drawing. Moved by Sam N. to adjourn, 2nd by Bob D., Motion Passed.

COPA: $25

Next meeting will be February 9th.

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