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April 13th, 2019 Meeting Minutes

There were 11 members present. The meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m. Motion by Mike B. and 2nd by Wendy S. to accept the minutes as posted. Motion passed. Motion by Jody A. and 2nd by Sondra M. to accept the Treasurer's Report as given. Motion passed.

Officer's Report: Currently the post office is trying to make the annex a separate smaller installation. Make sure if you are scheduled for the annex, that you report there. If you get orders from two separate supervisors that differ, have the supervisors discuss with each other to determine which orders you follow. Please let Kim Karol know if you have any topics you think should be covered in the Survival Skills program. Tax Day is coming on April 15th. We are trying to make sure people know that the post office isn't run on tax dollars. Sam N. made the motion to pay for 120 cookies for Tax Day and 2nd by Penny T. Amended by Jody A. for up to $100. Motion passed.

We have had people mail their 1767's anonymously. Please follow this course of action if you feel like you aren't being heard with your concern. If you think you are having an issue with job bidding, let Kim Karol know. Make sure you ask for your union time to talk to a steward.

COPA: $24

Old Business: May 11th is the National Carrier's food drive.

New Business: Kim Karol will be posting a sign up sheet for APWU "We Care" t-shirts for those interested. Check out It is a very informative blog. The person running this site has national recognition and is looking for support. He is trying to get reporters dedicated to labor issues and rural issues. Jody A. made motion to donate $500 to and 2nd by Max W. Motion passed. Monday in Cresco, they are having a public meeting to cancel contracts for anyone who is not a teacher. Meeting is at NICC Cresco Center at 5:30 p.m. They are trying to make it harder for people to get unemployment. Contact your legislators. Let Kim Karol know if you are interested in going to City Council meetings to talk for 10 minutes about how to stop post office closures. Motion by Max W. to reimburse Bob D. with up to $50 for printer cartridge and paper. 2nd by Jody A. Motion passed. Motion by Sam N. to cover survival skills program costs including any overages and 2nd by Wendy S. Motion passed.

Motion for the drawing by Jody A and 2nd by Sam N. Motion passed. Motion to adjourn by Sam N. and 2nd by Jody A. Motion passed. Tanya P. has won the drawing.

May 18th - Next meeting

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