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May 18th, 2019 Meeting Minutes

APWU Local 451 meeting – Saturday, May 18th, 2019 There were 15 members present. The meeting was called to order at 11:09 a.m. Motion by Bill H. and 2nd by Dale C. to accept the minutes as posted. Motion passed. Motion by Bill H. and 2nd by Sondra M. to accept the Treasurer’s Report as given. Motion passed.

Officers Report: Dave Henninger is now the official Plant Manager. Line H cases from 2016 & 2017 are going to arbitration. Do not fill out the surveys. Fill out your 1767s. Document when you see supervisors and mail handlers doing clerk work. There are items being shipped from China that contains fentanyl which directly absorbs into your skin. Please wear gloves while doing Priority. This is for your safety. Report injuries and accidents. Let your steward know that you made a report. You have a right to pay back any debt you occur with the Post Office in increments instead of a one time lump sum. Limited duty is if you were not injured at work. Management does not have to accommodate you. Light duty is injured at work. Management has to accommodate for light duty. Both must be submitted in writing to the Postmaster or Plant Manager.

COPA: $21

Old Business: None

New business: National Election ballots should be showing up in June or July. There are people in office that are running with new individuals this year.

Motion for the drawing by Bob D. and 2nd by Mike B. Motion passed. Motion to adjourn by Penny T. and 2nd by Bob D. Motion passed. Teresa K. has won the drawing.

June 15th - Next meeting.

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