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November 16th, 2019 Meeting Minutes

APWU Local 451 Meeting - Saturday, November 16th, 2019

There were 14 members present. The meeting was called to order at 11:08 a.m. Motion by Bob D. and second by Max W. to accept the minutes as posted. Motion passed. Motion by Max W. and second by Dale C. to accept the Treasurer's Report as given. Motion passed.

Officer's Report: Everything has been submitted to the arbitration panel for the Contract Negotiations. There must be 2 people manning the DBCS machines (at a minimum). Make sure you are filling out the 1767's. Make sure you follow the instructions of management. There exception is if following those instructions could result in your injury. Once Contract Negotiations are finalized, the Local Negotiations will be starting. If you have an idea for a potential change to the LMOU, please let a union officer know. We will be looking into potentially changing what will be considered quorum. Bob D. is willing to look into information for that. Bill H and Bob D. have some materials they will be passing out. You can call-in online now instead of calling the phone number. People interested in joining the union can sign up online now. There is a program called Purchasing Power that will deduct a fee per check for items that you want to buy instead of doing layaway at stores. Just be careful about what you buy and make sure there are no hidden fees. It is now Open Season for our health plans.

COPA: $30

Old Business: Bell Ringing is December 7th. If anyone would like to invite a Republican candidate to the union meeting, they would be more than welcome to. We will not be hosting an Iowa Democratic Satellite Caucus since we do not have information for a Republican Caucus.

New Business: Bill H. motions that we discontinue doing cards for illnesses, deaths, etc. There are too many hurt feelings when people are missed. Dale C. seconds. Motion passed. Bill H. motions that we keep meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Bob D. has made an amendment to make an exception for the first 2 months as January and February has holidays that conflict. January will be 1/25 and February will be 2/22. Jody seconds. Motion passed.

Motion for drawing by Bill H. and second by Jody A. Motion passed. Motion to adjourn by Jody A. and second by Penny T. Motion passed. Quinten R. won the drawing.

January 25th - Next meeting.

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