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July 18th, 2020 Meeting Minutes

APWU Local 451 Meeting - Saturday, July 18th, 2020

There were 11 members present. The meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m. Motion by Jody A. and second by Mike B. to accept the minutes as posted. Motion passed. Motion by Max W. and second by Jody A. to accept the Treasurer's Report as given. Motion passed.

Officer's Report: Rodger Reiseck was sworn in as our new President. Rodger was voted in as Vice President during the Special Election and then our President resigned.

COPA: $39

Old Business: State Convention is now September 11th. Motion to change Representatives to Jody A., Monica H., and Gary A. Gary A. is now the Maintainance Steward. Motion by Jody A. and Second by Gary A. Motion passed. Nominations for Vice President, Secretary, and Trustee are given. Nominations for Vice President were P.J. Harn, Max W., Gary A., Jody A., Bob L. and Janette R. Nominations for Secretary were Lisa H., Penny T., P.J. Harn, Erin Choate, and Noel Moss. Nominations for Trustee were Jody A., Penny T., Sondra M., P.J. Harn, and Erin C.

New Business: National Day of Action is July 23rd. Wear your union gear and call-in! If you need a union t-shirt talk to Bob D.

Motion for drawing by Gary A. Second by Bob D. Motion passed. Motion to adjourn by Gary A. and second by Jody A. Motion passed. Sondra M. won the drawing.

Sept. 19th - Next meeting.

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